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Open World MMO




MindArk PE


Self Published


World & Level Designer


- Base terrain sculpting for a 16x16k map
- Combining the designs of 4 different designers into one cohesive world.

- Construct a structure for the planet's environment to be designed and implemented.

- Iterate and ensure good quality of biome themes & concept with Narrative Design

- Design tools for new engine plug in:  Combining World Design structure, Gameplay, Backend, Tech, and Art needs into one system.

- Squad representative:

Making sure my team of 6: myself, Narrative Designer, Gameplay Designer, and 2 other Level Designers had and understood all the tasks on them. Representing them in production meetings. Grabbing tasks from other teams if it related to my team.


As my career goes on, I am always finding myself closer to what makes me happiest and working on a remake of the 20 year old title of Entropia was definitely the direction I want to be. I was involved in anything I could get my hands on from world direction & tools design to narrative & marketing. I did my best to be apart of the team and improve any elements I saw would affect my ability to do my job.   


Unfortunately my time at Mindark was cut short due to "company restructuring".

Beyond my opinions about the decision, its quite heart breaking as I believe the product we were working on was really turning into something awesome. It also means that what I can share is limited to work I did on the original Entropia's 20th Anniversary but more will be added as it becomes clearer what we are able to show to the public.

To get a better idea of my contribution follow this link.

The password can be provided upon request. 



About the original Entropia that would be the base of the Unreal 5 version.


Advertising Help

Something that the extended team needed was marketing images for Entropia Universe's 20th year anniversary. All we needed was to show off new content but we decided to have a bit of fun as well. 

Myself and 5 others got together to jump into CryEngine and I directed the team for these shots. It was ... interesting to jump into a game as old as Entropia and try to work as I normally would but I think we managed to pull off some good photos.


To get a better idea of my contribution follow this link.

The password can be provided upon request. 

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